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You can apply for a loan by walking into any of our branches (Please see Contact Us Section).

Star Housing Finance Limited uses a blend of quantitative and qualitative techniques which is derived from the application form, documents submitted and your interaction with our appraisal officers. We advise you to be honest and transparent in providing all details at the time of application and appraisal.

Interest rate on home loans is derived on the basis of and linked to Star Housing Finance Limited Retail Prime Lending Rate (ARPLR) which in turn is dependent on various business parameters that are dynamic in nature.

It is mandatory to have a co-applicant in your application. Also, co-owner of the property is compulsorily required to be a co-applicant.

Yes. One-time non-refundable login fees of Rs. 2,400 (Inclusive of taxes) excluding incidental charges. Processing fees of 2.0% of the loan amount excluding taxes and incidental charges before disbursement.
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