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Customers can apply for a home loan at any time after deciding to buy or build a residence, even if they haven’t chosen the property or started the construction.

Customers have three simple options to submit a loan application.

  1. Call us at 8828036610
  2. Send an email to
  3. Visit any of our locations. Click here to find the nearest branch.

The property financed will often serve as the security for the loan, along with any additional collateral or interim security if required. Customers must make sure that the title to the property is clear, marketable, and unencumbered at all times. There should not be any mortgages, loans, or legal disputes that could jeopardise the title to the property.

Yes, our login fees is Rs. 5,900 (inclusive of taxes) which is non-refundable in nature.

The principal amount and interest on the principal amount make up the EMI. It is determined by factoring in the loan amount, the loan repayment period, and the interest rate on the borrowed money. Part of the EMI is adjusted each month to cover the cost of interest, while the balance is adjusted to cover principal repayment.

Interest rate on home loans is derived on the basis of and linked to Star Retail Prime Lending Rate (SRPLR) which in turn is dependent on various business parameters that are dynamic in nature.

It is mandatory to have a co-applicant in your application. Also, co-owner of the property is compulsorily required to be a co-applicant.

Star HFL shall disburse the Loan either in lump-sum or in reasonable instalments with reference to the progress of construction or on consideration of any other circumstances as defined by Star HFL. Customers may accept a disbursement within 90 days of the date of sanction.

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